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“We see foundational shifts that could never have happened were it not for the dedicated application of intelligence and direction that Carl is bringing.”

“Working alongside of us, one-on-one, to implement his advice has huge value.”

“I am very happy with Carl’s services and feel he has added huge value to our company. I have found our acquaintance very edifying and worthwhile both personally and business-wise.”


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About You

You Want More Control of Your Business, Your Time, and Your Life

You’re busy and you’re taking on more responsibilities. You feel like you’re making some kind of progress. But you always find there’s more work to do and you’re not sure you’re moving in the right direction. Do you ever wonder if you’re the one in control of your work…or if your work is controlling you? You know it can get better, right?

By day as crisis and change management consultant, I help companies and professionals turn around, revitalize, and grow. By night, I deliver programs about workplace and strategic engagement and how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. My work with over 200 companies and thousands of professionals around the globe has leaders crafting empowered work cultures and high-potential professionals enhancing their confidence, acting on their ideas, and being more fulfilled in their jobs.

My audacious goals are to build profitable businesses where leaders and staff are in control of their work and lives; and to develop people who work and live more deliberately and do that which positively impacts their world. Imagine this being YOUR future.

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Most Popular Speaking Topics

Demystifying and Developing Millennial Careers

Millennials will soon make up 60% of the workforce causing a major disruption in how Americans work and live. Compared to their elders, they possess different attitudes, beliefs, and values. A younger generation of professionals is molding the workplace. Companies must adapt to meet Millennials’ needs. The first step to addressing this disruption is understanding the generation itself. The second is to bring about effective change. Learn approaches to leadership, how work differs across generations, and how to create competitive advantage in your company.

Ideal for: Organizations who want to know how better engagement of Millennials will lead to better engagement across all generations.
Not right for: People who believe Millennials a little more than a group of entitled, technology-obsessed optimists who live with their parents.

What People Are Saying:

“In my three years…I have listened to numerous guest speakers and Carl was by far the best one I have listened to…One thing that really stands out about Carl is his ability to turn a presentation into a conversation, and to make everyone feel comfortable asking questions. He is very open about everything he has done and genuinely wanted us to learn.”

“I was fortunate to get the opportunity to listen to Carl Seidman present in February 2017. Carl gave a one of a kind professional lecture to the student organization I am involved with. Carl has fantastic experience and is able to communicate those experiences in the most ‘down to earth’ manner I have ever witnessed. Carl is very realistic and does not try to portray unreasonable expectations for anyone. Nonetheless his presentation was one of the most inspiring and enlightening ones I’ve ever observed.”


You have the background — You have the drive — You have the experience. What’s missing are the advanced critical thinking and analysis skills necessary to make you the go-to expert and take you to the next level in your career.

Most companies don’t offer in-house training. And many outside trainers don’t understand the sophistication of modern finance, fail to engage the audience, or don’t understand the needs of young professionals. You won’t get that with us. This mastery program addresses the gaps in knowledge and skills we’ve seen over years of work as practitioners and trainers in FP&A and corporate finance groups around the globe. We introduce new planning and analysis techniques, provide best-practices for better modeling, and save companies money by improving efficiency and reducing mistakes. The seminar is guaranteed to mesmerize.

In cooperation with a leading global seminar company, we customize our modeling and analysis content depending on the needs of our middle-market and Fortune 1000 clients. Our blended learning approach incorporates video tutorials that allow participants to learn the fundamentals before the seminar and refresh their skills on-demand after it ends.

Over 3-4 days, content includes the following:

Module 1: Financial Accounting
Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Module 3: Being More Efficient with Excel
Module 4: The power of Excel’s lookup & reference
Module 5: Excel Modeling Best Practices
Module 6: Financial Statement Modeling
Module 7: Analyzing Excel’s Model Outputs and Variance Testing
Module 8: How the Street Values Us
Module 9: Communication and Presentation Skills

Ideal For: High-potentials and financial professionals looking to elevate their careers as indispensable assets to their companies.
Not Right For: Financial professionals who prefer to remain in reactive reporting roles rather than focus on proactive decision-making, critical thinking, and strategy.

What People Are Saying:

“I think all finance professionals should take this course and have a refresher every 2 years.”

“All those in an FP&A function should be signed up for this training.  Not only can you learn quicker and faster ways to do things, but also you learn about things you could maybe use in other roles.”

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