Carl is an award-winning speaker whose no-nonsense keynotes and conference talks are refreshingly authentic and candid. He is deeply introspective about life and experience and warms his audiences with emotion and humor. He inspires with contrarian, provocative ideas that challenge audiences to think beyond the status quo and their default perspective. Carl’s empathy and expansive business experience has made him a much-sought-after speaker on leadership, effective communication, career development, Millennials, business strategy, and retirement.

As a business trainer, Carl provides professional development education through his own training company and is a top-rated instructor with three of the premier learning and development organizations in the United States. His unique, light-hearted style differs from other trainers in that it blends deep knowledge of finance and strategy with honest insights and actual implementation. He has current clients, ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to the Fortune 500, and brings real-life case studies into the classroom. He’s well-read and is up-to-date on the most current minds in business. Carl does extensive research on every client and industry he works with and engages in pre-conference and pre-seminar planning calls, ensuring all objectives will be met. He arrives early to become familiar with the technology, introduces himself to attendees, and creates a open, welcoming environment where participation is effortless.

Carl is passionate about developing the next generation of business professionals. He has been a guest speaker at many universities with recent talks at Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, Northern Illinois University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Roosevelt University. Students frequently mistake him for Dave Matthews, Jeremy Piven, and Brad Garrett. Brad Garrett.



Carl knows how to grow healthy companies and get troubled ones back on track. His advice is holistic — rooted in data, experience, and intuition but blended with empathy and compassion. His role is part advisor, part business therapist. Carl’s mission is to provide the tools, clarity, and insights to help leaders and professionals regain control of their businesses and what’s important in their lives.

Carl’s coaching and consulting practice focuses on the systems, processes, people, and strategies that support optimal organizational and personal effectiveness. His deep experience in financial forensics, strategy, growth acceleration, and business turnaround allows for the application of a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and overcoming difficult challenges. Carl’s focus is to instill confidence and competence in leadership and its teams to ensure they have the foundation and support they need to move forward.

With clients ranging from start-ups, to entrepreneurial businesses, to middle-market companies and the Fortune 500, Carl converts agreed-upon strategies into actionable plans and aids in their full execution. Carl’s ultimate objective is to build profitable businesses and maximize their potential while concurrently making them great places to work. Whether seeking growth, revitalization, turnaround, or a profitable exit, he ensures clients achieve the enduring success they envision.

Carl has served companies in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Distribution, Energy, Finance & Banking, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial Products, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Not-for-profit, Oil & Gas, Professional Services, Retail, Real Estate, Software & Technology, Telecommunications, Trucking & Logistics, Water/Wastewater