“Carl is an excellent and well-recommended business consultant. As a finance coach, we really weren’t expecting someone with 360-degree vision and judgement on all areas of the business. Carl, over the last 12 months, surely proved me wrong, spending the greatest proportion of his time with us on growth acceleration. Carl has proved his ability to remain calm and focused on the right thing to do even when everyone around is faced with the uncomfortableness of change.”

Operations Manager, Personal Protective Equipment Distributor

“Carl’s expertise and experience in business turnaround and forensic analysis has proved to be very valuable. Carl’s involvement has changed how we see and do business, in that it has highlighted the need of more in-depth analysis of where potential growth will come from and provided intelligence which will drive and steer each area. He aided us in maintaining an online diary which made coordinating meetings within our busy schedule very convenient. What was most unique? The ability to grasp the core needs of the business in a single visit was impressive. I would recommend Carl to others because of his insistence on getting the foundation right from which to grow.”

Owner / CEO, Adhesives Manufacturing Company

“Carl is a gifted speaker and extremely knowledgeable in business strategy. I attended three of Carl’s business seminars throughout the second half of 2015 which focused on business planning; customer, product, and pricing strategy; and business modeling and forecasting. He’s very dedicated to what he does and effectively blends his expertise with humor and humility. His in-depth research on the topics and ability to relate seminar content to attendees lives and businesses is exceptional. He is not only a good listener but also incredibly humble and approachable. I look forward to attending his future seminars.”

Chetan Raut

Senior Consultant

“Engaging Carl has been absolutely phenomenal. It has allowed me, as the sales director, to get a better understanding of all parts of the business that are affected by major rises and falls in sales. I now see the absolute necessity to forecast to enable purchasing and production to get ahead, but also to achieve a greater amount of flexibility to fulfill new or urgent sales requirements. Today’s would-be production can now be re-planned into another day of the production forecast. Carl helped us to do the work and coach us rather than giving it to us on a plate, which has given us the ability to execute our own future. His unique ability is for sure in respect to having the ability to see the end from the beginning, in a way that gives a flawless transition to progress. I would absolutely recommend Carl to others – if you want to get your house in order before encroaching on a serious sales burst, he is the guy. I would totally use Carl again.”

C. Fowler

Owner / Director of Sales, Adhesives Manufacturing Company

“This is the most comprehensive training program I’ve participated in. Did a great job of giving both high level information as well as detailed info & tools.”

Ben Vehovic

FP&A, Express Scripts

“Carl did a fantastic job. He was informative, engaging, humorous, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend his workshop to others.”

Beth Broderick

Senior Research Analyst, Technomic Inc.

“Carl was a very good presenter, very knowledgeable on the subject. By far the best seminar I’ve attended. Very pleased!”

C. Wolf

Custodial Supervisor, Joliet Community College

“Carl knew the subject very well and I was impressed at his pace and ability to explain pretty complex principles in ways we could understand.”

C. Whitehead

Director of Brand Marketing, Christianity Today Int’l

“Carl is a pleasure to work with…excellent instructor with in-depth knowledge and experience.”


Seminar on Financial Forecasting

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Carl over the last two years and I can honestly say that his presentation skills are second to none. Whether you are looking for someone to distill detailed business material into clear concise content or someone who can dazzle an audience with their storytelling skills, you will not be disappointed.

While many speakers focus on telling an audience what they need to know, Carl instead inspires his listeners to look inside and find their own answers to life’s great questions. How can I maximize my own potential or that of people on my team? What obstacles am I creating for myself that I need to learn to overcome? What awakenings am I supposed to be having as I proceed deeper into the journey?

If you are looking for the answers to any of these questions, expect Carl to craft a captivating blend of information and motivation that will leave any who hear him ready to charge through walls with their new and revitalized energy. Whether you are looking to achieve existing goals, set new ones, or empower your team with confidence, working with Carl will achieve new heights.”

Jim Herbert

Professional Speaker and Trainer, Emerging Into Joy, LLC

“I am very happy with Carl’s services and feel he has added huge value to our company. I have found our acquaintance very edifying and worthwhile both personally and business-wise and trust he shares the same feeling. I believe he has focused the partners on key issues and the need for a stable foundation. His help has made me realize the need for total company awareness and the fact that communication throughout all the teams can massively increase the growth opportunities of the company. I am certainly hoping he will be available to us next year and I would not hesitate to using him for training in the future.

Having worked with Carl I would fully recommend him to any business or individual looking to make progress. Carl’s calm and very focused approach is hugely beneficial and I am sure that anyone who works with Carl will prove the benefit many times over. The knowledge Carl has in business finance is inspirational and certainly helped me to change my plans for a better future.”

B. Rowles

Co-Owner , Construction General Contractor

“Carl set on a much deeper and more challenging review of our business model and core strategy than expected, with correspondingly higher aspirations. We have learned that radical change will be necessary to grow the business much further. We have belatedly woken up to the need to challenge the profitability and scalability of all we do instead of thinking that chasing sales so that we can do more of the same is going to bring success.

In the field of financial control, Carl’s suggestion of 13-week cash flow projections instead of projecting only 14 days ahead is invaluable. His reaction was very instructive to a question whether we should place a substantial import order without being sure we had sales lined up for it. Carl simply raised the question whether, if the sales did not materialize, there was sufficient availability within the overdraft – in other words make a rational decision which doesn’t risk a cash flow crisis.

Carl’s reports following his visits have been very useful as have the agendas he has prepared in advance of meetings and calls. Also his readiness to correspond by email in between has been much appreciated, and his provision of various industry research reports has helped to show us how we should go about gathering and using relevant intelligence. Carl’s comments are generally very incisive and analytical and, particularly to start with, quite radical and challenging as to the direction the business is going in. He has put strategy before numbers or short-term results.

Are we enthused, impressed? Absolutely! Are we going to achieve the results which Carl says are within our grasp? Still a major challenge which he will no doubt help us to tackle.”

M. Tydeman

Owner / CEO , Personal Protective Equipment Distributor

“The training is invaluable to individuals who rely on Excel to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. Additionally, the training provides valuable insights for developing strategy, financial modeling and variance analysis. This is the best training program I have taken in my career. Carl is a tremendous instructor, possessing a thorough understanding of finance and Excel. He is very engaging and kept the class interesting over the 3-day period.”

Brad Murray

FP&A, Express Scripts

“This seminar is one of the best I’ve ever attended and it is not the easiest subject to do. Carl is very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter!”

Z. Smith

Technical Director, Eirich Machines Inc.

“Carl is an excellent presenter. Especially with such a difficult subject.”

V. Lewis

Executive Vice President, United States Drug Testing Lab

“Carl does a good job keeping things informative and interesting. I mostly enjoyed the case study because it brings the concepts together and allows me to test my understanding of them.”

Amy Ford

Finance Manager, Cabot Microelectronics

“Carl is really good. He demonstrated good knowledge of the subject, as well as provided very relevant examples of real workplace issues.”


Seminar on Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

“It has been a pleasure to work with Carl as a faculty and as a content developer during the last two years. Carl not only has expertise teaching, from basic finance concepts to complex financial modeling, he also has the ability to ask the right questions and shape a financial acumen course to align and anticipate the needs of the new leaders in today’s global business.”

M. Theodotou

Learning Solutions Manager, American Management Association

“In contrast to other advisors we have had in the past, Carl’s preparedness to do as well as to show has added greatly to what we have been able to learn. Working alongside of us, one-on-one, to implement his advice has huge value. Some of the ideas and methods are new to us. To have some mentoring to get started gets us from admiring a new idea to actual functionality far quicker than just being shown an example on a screen and being left to figure out the realities and glitches ourselves.

Carl has helped me to see how forecasting can be done in a logical and methodical way rather than by guesswork or gut feel. This has given confidence where there was uncertainty and a framework within which strategic decisions affecting the future of the business can be made. I feel the business relationship between us is easy and flexible. Our experience with consultants is limited but Carl’s preparedness to constructively criticize and tackle difficult/awkward situations, knowing that it might be hard for us to accept what is said, is something which other consultants might back away from.

I would very definitely recommend Carl to others. The grasp of our situation and the proposed remedies have been good and I believe his background, experience and skills match our needs well.”

Paul Tuffin

Co-Owner , M-Tech

“One thing that I really think was helpful for me was that Carl included his own examples to make the workshop more informative and complete.”

Leticia Chaidez

Accounts Payable Rep, Cook County Public Defender’s Office

“Carl was very good at keeping things flowing in a quick manner. I get bored easily, but he was able to keep me engaged all three days.”


Seminar on Financial Forecasting

“I definitely will use the material learned at the workplace. Carl is very well-versed in the subject matter and does a great job presenting the material.”

Sarah Koscielski

Financial Analyst, Shure Corporation

“Carl’s instruction method was interactive and made it a fun class. He was very knowledgeable and touched on many subjects that’re relevant to my goals and real life situations. Great class!”


The Controller in Today’s Environment

“I think it was really beneficial to have him [visit] because he admits Phi Chi Theta (PCT) was the best thing he did in college. His energy and excitement to be back in front of the chapter was contagious. We had one of the best discussions I have seen in six semesters of watching speakers come in.”

Kyle Wood

Student, Michigan State University

“Carl has brought intelligent experience and vital understanding to the table for the younger generation managers/leaders on the key subjects of financial recovery and assisting tools. He maintains very clear, methodical coaching both in this key area and on other small subjects in which guidance was requested. A knowledgeable and experienced person on site regularly is a huge asset for our young company.

Carl has changed how we see and do business by bringing inspiration and increased answerability for the owners / leaders themselves. It has helped create proper commercial awareness, decisions & actions cutting through family business politics that often work against this. It has also helped us be drawn together as a team, more focused on the business interests by holding the owners accountable exclusive of (sometimes obstructive) family preferences and prejudices. His involvement has allowed us to clear unnecessary emotions from situations/decisions, by being positive but realistic, by bringing proven experience to the table, and by being clear and methodical in coaching and training. He is uniquely methodical, focused, and confident.”

Giles Tuffin

Co-Owner , M-Tech

“We see foundational shifts that could never have happened were it not for the dedicated application of the intelligence and direction that Carl is bringing. I liken it to a plant growing – you can’t stand there and watch growth, however if you come back in 3 or 6 or 12 months you will see how tall it has grown. The real proof of success in my opinion is whether we can buck the 20 year trend of organic-type growth to sustained accelerated growth of which Carl is holding out for the company. I believe it can and will happen by pushing the company through that gradual transition from a reactive organization to a proactive organization.

Carl has forced us to forensically gather business intelligence on every area of the business including market research, internal customer analysis, etc – with a view of understanding our business based on concrete evidence versus gut feels and opinions. He has challenged the leadership team to answer and justify why we say what we say.

There has been a very strong message to reduce complexity in the business in view of sustaining the growth program we are aiming for. There has been a push to establish a unified business strategy to give every department and person an opportunity to plug in and contribute to the direction of the business. This has definitely proved far more challenging than originally thought. He has helped with alignment of team roles and responsibilities to the company’s goals by formulating job descriptions and a new company structure. He has aided in formulation of a variety of processes that will help the journey towards a system-driven business. He has aided us in product and market rationalization – steering us away from the temptation to “become all things to all men” both in terms of products and markets. “What do we do really, really well above the competition?”

As a result of Carl’s engagement, I believe we are becoming more and more focused on what will build the company brands, customer loyalty and of course profitability. Carl gives us confidence that he knows where he is taking us. He does not dish out bouquets lightly, but when he does, you really know the business is starting to head the right way. He does not appear to make judgments swayed by personalities – he sticks to business principles and his own conclusions. Carl rather says “I cannot comment at this moment in time” rather than be pushed into a decision that he is not ready to take. Carl is able to demonstrate many of his ideas using case studies and examples which of course is key to grasping the training and holding our interest.

Carl has outshone other advisor’s testimonials especially in the area of his preparation of agendas and the formulation of concise summaries and action plans. For this, amongst other things, we have commended Carl to several other businesses. We continue to want reassurance on having a clearly-defined road map of where we are going for both businesses, how we are going to get there, and when we will get to certain landmarks.”

Lance Pittman

Operations Manager , Personal Protective Equipment Distributor

“I believe Carl did a great job. His pace was perfect and his command of the curriculum is apparent.”


Seminar on Financial Forecasting

“I learned more in two days than in three accounting courses in college.”

J. Santercier

Program Manager, NE Multi Regional Training

“Carl did a very good job making sure everyone’s questions were answered and that we understood whatever was being discussed.”

Irene Garlanger

Office Manager, DAK Equipment & Engineering Corporation

“This was a very good training in a very nice environment. Small group size and very competent instructor made this a great experience.”


Seminar on Planning and Forecasting Organizational Expenses

“In my three years at Michigan State University, I have listened to numerous guest speakers and Carl was by far the best one I have listened to. Carl not only covered his career path, with all of the likes and dislikes about it, but went over each decision he made during his career, whether it was switching companies, or even some of the projects he worked on.

One thing that really stands out about Carl is his ability to turn a presentation into a conversation, and to make everyone feel comfortable asking questions. He is very open about everything he has done and genuinely wanted us to learn. We not only learned about Management Consulting, but about how to take control over our own careers, and how to balance personal satisfaction with success.

Carl is a spectacular public speaker, and was great about simplifying all of the extraordinary things he has done. There are so many intangible benefits that I gained from this hour long discussion, from information about Management Consulting and real life experiences, to taking control of our own careers. We were beyond fortunate to have Carl come in and speak to us, and are already excited for when he will be able to come back again.”

Jack Grant

Global Procurement / Student, Amway / Michigan State University

“The class was informative and helpful and fit with the work situations I face daily. [Carl] was very knowledgeable, he brought real life situations to light while making it a fun experience. Great class, you won’t be disappointed.”

Andre K.

Controller, Diana Naturals, Inc.

“The course content was relevant and pretty comprehensive. The instructor was engaging, led discussions that were on topic and illustrative. I appreciated the breadth and depth of his industry knowledge and technical accounting expertise.”


Seminar on Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

“This course is well designed. It provided a great overview of the controllers role. I found it very valuable and thought Carl was an excellent presenter. He has tons of real world experiences that he was able to apply to this course.”


The Controller in Today’s Environment

“Carl was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

Kristine Ties

Business Analyst, Aux Sable Liquid Products